Every individual and business needs the right information to help it succeed. Richard Kosick & Co. are here to help you with your personal and business accounting needs. To that end, we have provided links to Canadian government websites and other forms.

Note: Government documents are regularly updated and should always be verified as the most current versions. If you need assistance, please call for an appointment.


When to Drop Off

Our goal is to file your tax return on time to avoid a late-filing penalty. However, during tax season, it’s a challenge to complete your tax return on time if you drop off your documents a couple of weeks before its deadline. For this reason, we encourage you to drop off your accounting files within the suggested drop off dates.

What to Tell Us
Our goal is to file your tax returns correctly, and to find tax or estate planning strategies specific to your situation. Informing us of current and foreseeable changes in your personal or business situation allows us to determine if a specific tax strategy applies to you. We want you to plan ahead to minimize your taxes or be prepared for significant tax payable.
What to Bring
In general, bring over your tax slips, receipts, and documents related to:
Our tax return checklists will help you in sorting out your tax documents. It is possible that only a few items in the checklist apply to you.
What to Sign

Consent forms to government agencies (e.g. CRA, PST) allow us to communicate with government representatives on your behalf. It helps us to determine potential outstanding returns, obtain missing tax slips, or file your government returns (e.g. GST return). Fill out the highlighted items in the consent form and give us a copy.

What May Help You

Above forms may help in reducing your income taxes. For instance, a T2200 is mandatory for eligible employees, who can deduct their employment expenses against their employment income.

Government Contact Links

For our clients outside Lower Mainland, please check the specific government’s website for toll-free numbers.
CRA: Canada Revenue Agency

Individuals: 1 800 959 8281

Business: 1 800 959 5525


PST: Provincial Sales Tax

PST: Provincial Sales Tax

Business: 604 660 2421


Service Canada

Employment Insurance (EI): 1 800 206 7218

Canada Pension Plan (CPP): 1 800 277 9914

Old Age Security (OAS): 1 800 277 9914


Ministry of Business and Economic Development